Sweater Funk + the 45 Sessions = Love

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45 sessions oakland love jams

What are the two best all vinyl parties in the Bay Area? Yes, obviously the 45 Sessions and Sweater Funk. And when we come together it’s pure LOVE. Love Jams that is. Join us Friday the 21st at the Legionnaire Saloon, all vinyl love jams on 45 all night.

Sweater Funk is a nationally collective of vinyl lovin DJs who know how to keep the crowd moving. I love checking them out and every time I hear something new that I can’t stop moving to. Last time we had the crew out, Chungtech blew our minds with this set we recorded for posterity. As always, residents Platurn, Enki, E da Boss, and Mr. E hold it down while hosts Jern Eye and Lou keep everyone smiling.

It just so happened that I was putting some records in a box for the event over this past weekend while waiting for the laundry to finish so I hit record to see what happened. The results are here…

It’s not at all polished (or planned) but I figured it didn’t sound terrible so why not let some folks know what we’re talking about if they’ve never visited the 45 Sessions. All recorded in one take with no edits (just added drops in the start and end) in the time it took for the laundry to finish. Join us Friday the 21st for a great time, filled entirely full of Love Jams!!!!

Bonus: Here’s another quick mix of 45s, one of my sets from the 45th edition of the 45 Sessions. Jern Eye on the mic, like always. Dig it!!

We actually have a grip of 45 Sessions recordings up on Mixcrate as well, check it out!

Update: Here are some pics from the event!

45 Sessions Crew Love Jams

Odiaka & Delgado sing

platurn & delgado

Seems like Delgado tends to sing a lot when DJing